Thompson St

This was the first renovation I ever completed and kick started my love for all things real estate investing, design and DIY. I purchased this home using an FHA 203k Loan, transforming it from a dated and run down townhome to a charming retreat. We lived here for almost 3 years until selling it in Spring of 2020. 


After finishing the renovations and moving into Thompson street, I bought this house using a Home Equity Line of Credit to renovate and list as a rental property. We finished this renovation and ended up selling the house instead towards the end of 2019. 


My most recent renovation project and most challenging to date, we wrapped up construction and sold Pearl House  in early spring 2022. We bought an abandoned property in the heart of West Philadelphia and gave it a complete makeover including all new mechanicals, bathrooms, and kitchen. 

Hi! I’m Kristy Pedersen. I’m renovating houses in Philadelphia and sharing the process one step at a time. Follow along for DIY tutorials and home renovation projects.

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