ORC Week 3 Pearl House Bath

Week 3 of the One Room Challenge and I feel like I haven’t VISIBLY made progress, but there is a lot happening in the background!

Last week I shared on my stories some plans I had for the tile work in the bathroom. I picked a hexagon tile and I tested out two different layouts on the floor to see which one looked the best and more importantly had the least amount of cuts involved. Reducing the number of cuts both reduces the amount of time required for my contractor, but also reduces the amount of uneven jagged edges that may result from field cutting. I shaded in grey which tiles would have to get cut in the below examples.

tile option 1
tile option 2

For tile option one I started with aligning the straight edge of the hexagon with the edge of the tub. In this case there are fewer cuts at least along the edge of the tub. Along the side with drywall we can put trim over the edges of the tile to cover imperfections in the cut edges.

For tile option two I aligned the straight edge of the hexagon with the back wall where there will be a window and also the doorway to the hall. This option requires all the tiles along the tub edge to be cut, which I don’t prefer. It’s looking like option one is the winner here!

If you’re following my Instagram account you know that this project is also part of a larger full home remodel. I wasn’t able to post last week since I decided to add a powder room and the ORC bath remodel was put on hold. Since then, the plumbing has been finished and we have a new plywood subfloor in the room!

I mentioned there were a few things working in the background. We have to wait for the windows to come in to replace this old metal one, we’ll get insulation and then sheetrock goes in next week! I feel like once sheetrock is up I’ll be able to start experimenting with paint colors and bringing in the tile I want to use!

For more bloggers joining the One Room Challenge be sure to check out the One Room Challenge website!

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