Main Bath At the Pearl House Plans

I joined the One Room Challenge this week as a guest blogger! I’m so excited to participate in this event. It just so happen to fall on the exact same timeline as the renovation to the Pearl House. Participating in this will help keep me on target for a June list date anyways so I am very excited to stay involved.

I’ll be working on this with my contractor on this project, but plan to install some bead board, wall stencils, new lighting, new tile flooring and re-glazed shower surrounds!

Currently the room sits fully gutted with plumbing roughed in. It’s not pretty! The only things we kept were the pink tile surrounding the bathroom, the little linen closet and the doors. All the doors function well and have beautiful glass door hardware. Over the next few weeks I’m going to try to remove all the hardware and clean them. The pink tiles around the shower will get re-glazed with a fresh coat of white paint.

I put together a little “rendering” or mood board with Photoshop to try to plan out all my pieces. I love putting these together to really help visualize whether all the colors and style of pieces are working well together.

For DIY projects I plan to use Jenni Yolo’s no tool peg rail tutorial for the top of the bead board molding and a stencil tutorial from Royal Design Studio Stencils for the top half of the wall.

Since I will be flipping this house, I want to keep it pretty neutral yet add a little bit of style. Painting the pattern on the walls allows for a future owner to repaint over it if they don’t like it, rather than wallpaper which would be more difficult to remove. I also love the stencil allows me to pick the exact colors in the stencil.

Hexagon floor tiles are trending right now and I’m here for it. In my last house I did a small black hexagon in the master and a patterned white and black hex in the guest bath. I still think they are pretty timeless. Bead board on the wall is a little extra detail that I think will help this house stand out amongst the other recent flips in the neighborhood.

A lot of inspiration comes from what I see other investors doing in the neighborhood and pulling in pieces from designers from Instagram. I want to make it cute, but it also has to sell!

1. Bead board Wall Paneling

2. Mali Mudcloth Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio Stencils

3. Turkish Bath Hand Towels

4. Bath Mirror with Shelf Black

5. Screw in Wooden Pegs

6. Bathroom Vanity Wall Sconce Light Fixtures

7. Satori Nouveau Greige Hexagon 8 in x 8 in Matte Porcelein Floor Tiles

8. Celedon Wall Paint by Behr

9. Render Bathroom Vanity

Stay tuned in the next eight weeks where I’ll be documenting progress for this renovation! I will have help from my contractor for a few (most) of the items here, but hope to incorporate more detailed posts for the two projects I plan to DIY myself.

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  1. I’ve been in love with that vanity for a while, excited to see this space come together 🙂

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