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Looking for simple Halloween decorations? Print out or cut out a clever Halloween quote! I love this little DIY piece I put together with my Cricut, but I will share with you how to make this even if you don’t have a Cricut!

Thrift flips are one of my favorite kind of DIY projects. If you go to the thrift store you can get very affordable pieces of decor as a base for your design. Last week I picked up a few pieces, one of them was this little wooden sign with the quote “Stay Calm and Splish Splash”. We know the “stay calm and ______” phrase has had its day and it’s time to retire that quote. Here is the BEFORE:

With a little paint and help from my Cricut I turned this dated piece into a fun piece of indoor or outdoor Halloween decor! First I used a white paint to cover the existing artwork. Then I cut out, weeded, and placed the letters in the center of the board.

Paint over the Existing Art
Weed the Vinyl + Add Transfer Tape
Place + Position Text
Transfer Lettering to Painted Board

Let me know if you try this! Visit my Instagram, Tiktok or Pinterest!

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