How to Turn any Container into a Cute Boho Chic Planter

I’ve had this boring old planter sitting in my house completely empty because it I didn’t love the color and didn’t want to commit to putting any plants in there when I had tons of other cute planters around. I was uninspired!! So I decided it was time to finally do something about it so I can stop staring at that darn empty pot. I picked up a cute bohemian plant stand from Home Goods and the planter itself is from Home Depot.


If you’re following along start with a clean, empty container. Mine is a shiny, dark blue plastic planter but you can do this with any planter or container if you want to add a little boho decor to your house. Collect your materials. For this I’m using Rustoleum Paint and Primer in Smokey Beige and their Multicolor Textured Spray in Caribbean Sand. I also got the Rustoleum paint can gripper, which I LOVE using now. It keeps my hands (nails!) from getting paint on them and is so comfortable to grip.

I have had this pom pom trim in my craft bin for a couple years so I’m not sure if I can link to the same one, but here is a link to something similar! I had at one time planned to make pillows but then I got to the point in the pillow where you’re supposed to put a seam and I wanted to put a zipper but I never learned how. So now I have an almost done pillow and some extra trim. Extra trim no more! This trim is so cute and the off-white color goes perfectly with the Caribbean Sand Textured Spray.

Materials used


First spray your container with the paint and primer. This will be your base course. I’m using two shades of cream so they blend together really well. After a couple coats of the paint and primer and your container is fully covered, then you can use the textured spray. The spray doesn’t coat on thick so it is important to fully coat with the paint and primer layer first.

The textured spray adds a coat of ‘salt and pepper’ to the planter. Below is a photo after applying the textured spray.

Before adding any paint.
After adding textured spray.

After applying the multitexture spray, let it dry completely before moving on to the next step. Grab your hot glue gun and some pom pom trim and get to decorating!! You can do any design; criss cross multiple stripes, or a simple band around the top like I did.

Finishing Touches

After your planter is done it’s time to add plants!! I put faux plants in mine by wedging a glass vase in the center with scrap Styrofoam chunks. I covered the edges of the Styrofoam with a blend of green and brown dried craft moss that I picked up at Home Goods.

Wedge styrofoam in to take up space and hold a vase in place.
The finished planter!
I love the texture the paint adds!!

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