Amazon Finds for Home Renovations

Did you know Amazon sells tons of building products? Yes, I’ve saved so much TIME and MONEY by purchasing fixtures from Amazon. From plumbing fixtures, decor, lighting and tools it has been a great place to shop on a budget.

When I bought Pearl House and was beginning the renovation, it was around the time that material shortages were at all time highs. People were waiting for appliances, light fixtures, ect for weeks or months at a time. It was also around the time when vaccines for COVID were unavailable and I didn’t want to take any risks shopping in person. The pandemic has shifted a lot of spending habits towards online shopping. It’s been hard not to when they make everything so convenient and follow through with promises of quick, affordable shipping. None of the items I purchased were delayed or backordered in any sense.

I’ve rounded up all the various items I’ve purchased from Amazon into one post to highlight how much of an asset they can be. These are some of my favorite Amazon finds for home renovations!

  1. 3″ Finger Pulls
  2. 12″ Finger Pulls
  3. 3-Hole Matte Black Bathroom Faucet
  4. Single Hole Matte Black Bathroom Faucet
  5. Floating Shelf Brackets
  6. 12″ Diameter Flush Mount Light
  7. Swing Arm Wall Sconce
  8. Bathroom Vanity Light
  9. Gold Kitchen Faucet
  10. 6-Light Globe Chandelier Island Light

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